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What Clients Does Winters Law Firm Typically Work With?

I represent entrepreneurs and small business owners of various kinds. From family-owned “mom and pop” operations to franchises and companies with multiple locations in several states, I have provided services as a general counsel attorney for small businesses in industries across Round Rock, TX, and beyond.

I’m proud to have such a diverse client base of business owners, and have found that working with entrepreneurs across various industries in the state has provided me with the opportunity to gain a unique and comprehensive outlook on my practice as a general counsel lawyer.

What Is Your Approach To Legal Counsel For Small Business Owners?

I like to focus on helping business owners design, implement and maintain effective plans to enhance their venture’s strengths and safeguard from potential pain points. These plans address many factors, including:

  • Personal liability reduction
  • Preservation of all viable income tax deductions
  • Facilitating retirement plans
  • Looking for opportunities to maintain family harmony
  • Creating strategies to retain key employees
  • Minimizing income, gift, and estate taxes
  • And more!

To help owners protect estates and businesses that have been a lifetime in the making, I use an integrated approach to planning. This approach includes factors that consider all legal, insurance, financial, and tax planning issues.

To find results that work to secure each of these factors, I will work with my client’s other professional advisors to create the most effective team for success. Lastly, and most importantly, I like to include discussions about my client’s family values and belief systems to create a comprehensive plan that addresses each aspect of their goals for the business and their personal future.

How Does Winters Law Firm Charge For Consulting?

In most cases, I will quote a flat fee to perform your legal work. However, some of my business representation is done on an hourly basis.

Hourly rates differ for attorneys, paralegals, and the nature of the project at hand. But, in any case, I will give you a “best estimate” of the total fee based on the scope of the work I’m hired to do. Generally, this quote will be in a maximum amount that I will not exceed without permission.

In any event, my clients and I will sign an Engagement Agreement that identifies each of our rights, duties, obligations, and the agreed-upon fees.

Initial meetings for all business-related matters will vary in time depending on the topics discussed. You have no obligation to hire me to work for you after the first meeting. However, there is a charge for the initial meeting because I will be providing legal advice and discussing various strategies that you will be able to use immediately.

When Should I Contact A Legal Counsel Lawyer For My Small Business?

You can never reach out to an attorney for legal counsel too late. Likewise, there is no situation in which it is preemptive to find an attorney to guide you through any legal process which concerns your small business.

From the creation of an LLC to the structuring of your business’ legal framework, having a general counsel attorney on your team is an invaluable resource to any entrepreneur. Making the decision to bring an attorney on in the early stages of your business’ development can give you the reassurance that all “loose ends” are tied, and every contingency is taken into account and prepared for.

Legal issues can arise from any number of circumstances: contract disputes, labor law compliance concerns, partnership structuring, worker’s compensation claims, and more. The best way to avoid the headache and setback of a major legal event in the course of your business’ lifetime is to take proactive measures that can prevent these problems from ever arising in the first place.

If a problem does come to light, our team at Winters Law Firm is prepared to take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. I have helped business owners through many different kinds of legal complications and am prepared to work diligently to find an outcome that will help you get back to your business as swiftly as possible.

Should I Contact Business Counsel If I’m Looking To Expand My Business?

When pursuing any new business venture or form of expansion, having an attorney who is familiar with your business and future goals on hand is essential. You can take all of your questions and concerns to a source of legal expertise and get the insight of a professional with your long-term interests at heart.

After discussing your options moving forward, I can come on to help with any related paperwork and contracts and provide a professional legal resource for any of your further legal needs.

Winters Law Firm

Winters Law Firm has been a leading source of professional excellence and service to members of the Round Rock community.

Attorney Gerald Winters continues to strive to be the best small business general counsel lawyer in Round Rock, TX, and the greater Austin area by providing expert legal advice, tailored services, and attentive client care.

If you are a small business owner, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for an initial consultation today!

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