Trust Administration

Trust Administration Attorney

Texas estate planning attorney, Gerald Winters, is experienced in assisting clients with trust administration.  While many view the administration of a trust a daunting task, the guidance of a qualified attorney can make it much easier.

What is trust administration?

Trust administration is the management of assets in a trust.  Although a trust might be at the center of an estate plan, it will not manage itself.  Administration must be done by the person or entity who is serving as trustee.  There is often a lot involved in trust administration, including the distribution of assets either all at once or gradually over time, and all of the bookkeeping, tax and clerical work that goes along with it.  It might also involve the management of investments, maintenance of physical property and filing of tax returns, among other things.  Conflicts are always a possibility and the trustee might also have to deal with those types of situations during this time.  There are time commitments and costs involved in trust administration and trustees often feel overwhelmed by the job.  Gerald Winters can offer support to a trustee during this time and help them throughout the process.