I have known Mr. Winters for six years and he has always been very professional and is extremely knowledgeable about business and tax matters.  I never have to worry about something getting done and I can simply focus on being an attorney, because I know that Mr. Winters is going to take care of my business and taxes.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

-P.C. — Business and Tax Client

Gerald prepared our estate plan, and made sure that it was what we wanted.  He was very thorough during the process to ensure that our plan was truly ours, and not a cookie cutter or one-size-fit-all plan.  And once the papers were signed, it was not the end of the relationship.  He continues to ensure that there have not been any changes to our situation, and keeps us updated if he learns anything that may affect us.  We have some peace of mind knowing that our estate plan is in place, and that Gerald is a phone call away if we have any questions.

-S.W. — Estate Planning Client

Gerald is an expert when it comes to taxes.  He has a working knowledge of the tax code and works diligently to ensure that his clients pay as little in taxes as possible.  He has been very valuable to me in regards to running my business.  He ensures that my contracts are in order, my employee policies and procedures give the employees a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and provides sound advice regarding business matters in general.  Whenever I have any issue, he makes himself available, and I have never gotten a bill for a phone call or an email.  If you need a business or tax lawyer, you should call Gerald Winters.

-H.H. — Business and Tax client

Gerald is very diligent when dealing with estate planning issues.  He made sure that we understood estate planning in general, and he went over all of the documents when it was time to sign the documents.  But the relationship didn’t end with the signing.  He checks in regularly to ensure that there haven’t been any major changes to our situation, and if there is anything relevant to our situation that arises on his end, he makes a point to reach out to us to let us know so that we can make some informed decisions.  Finally, he did not try to over-sell us something that we did not need or want.  He is a true professional.

-M.W. & S.W. — Estate Planning Clients

Mr. Winters was invaluable in helping us through our contract process. We recently added a very expensive asset to our portfolio of products and services. It is both a very exciting and nerve wracking time for us. With this said, having an expert like Mr. Winters there through the process helped relive a lot of stress for us. He walked us through every step and helped clarify exactly what we needed to improve to make our contracts clear and tight. He was very responsive - answered all of our questions (even late at night) and was very flexible in doing a conference call when our schedules didn't allow a face to face meeting. Gerald Winters, P.C. is the best partner to have in all legal matters. 

-L. M. — Business Client